4 May 2016

Waiting on Wednesday - Twist by Kylie Scott

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Here's this week's book that I can't wait for...

Twist (Dive Bar, #2) by Kylie Scott
Expected Publication: 22nd November 2016

When his younger brother loses interest in online dating, hot, bearded, bartender extraordinaire, Joe Collins, only intends to log into his account and shut it down. Until he reads about her.
Alex Parks is funny, friendly, and pretty much everything he's been looking for in a woman. And in no time at all they're emailing up a storm, telling each other their deepest darkest secrets...apart from theone that really matters.
And when it comes to love, serving it straight up works better than with a twist.

Loved the first book in the Dive Bar series so naturally I am really excited to read book two even if I'm not a fan of the guy in the cover.

What are you waiting on?

3 May 2016

Book Review: Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4) by Sawyer Bennett

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Loveswept
Published: 8th September 2015
Pages: 269
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sport Romance
Main Characters: Ryker, Gray
Date Read: 9th April - 12th April 2016

Rating Given:
 photo four.jpg

The rugged men of the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team are winning hearts once again in another scorching novel fromNew York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett.
The stakes have never been higher for Carolina Cold Fury goalie Ryker Evans. With his contract running out, he’s got a year left to prove he’s still at the top of his game. And since his wife left him, Ryker has been balancing life as a pro-hockey star and a single parent to two daughters. Management is waiting for him to screw up. The fans are ready to pounce. Everybody’s taking dirty shots—except for the fiery redhead whose faith in Ryker gives him a fresh start.
As the league’s only female general manager, Gray Brannon has learned not to mix business with pleasure. And yet even this tough, talented career woman can’t help breaking her own rules as she gives Ryker everything she’s got. She hopes their hot streak will last forever, but with Ryker’s conniving ex plotting to reclaim her man, the pressure’s on Gray to step up and save a tender new love before it’s too late.

 I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Another similar cover for this series which I like. I do love the moody feel to the cover although I wouldn't say it was a moody book so not very in keeping. It's a simple cover but simple is all that's needed as the story is the most important thing.

After meeting Ryker in the previous book I was really excited about reading book and I was right about being excited as it was a really good read. I didn't think it was as good as the first book and the previous book as this one took a little while to get going but once it got going it got up there with the best. I kind of liked the relationship between Ryker and Gray as they had great chemistry but there was moments when I felt it was a bit one sided. As well as the romance there was also a family relationship heavily involved in the story which made it feel more realistic. I liked that it wasn't completely predictable as something happened towards the end that I just wasn't expecting with other surprises thrown in there as well. Even though there was some surprises there was still moments that I was able to guess but I wasn't too bothered by that as it was balanced out with the unpredictable moments. The ending was really sweet and seeing as we have continued to see the other characters and how they are getting on I'm hopeful we will see how they are getting on in the future.

I pretty much loved all the characters with a few exceptions. Ryker is one of my favourite Cold Fury boys as he was so sweet and would do anything for his family and Gray even if he had to sacrifice his career which he loved he would for them. Gray annoyed me at times as I didn't like the way she sometimes treated Ryker and I felt she was selfish at times as well but there was other times when I liked her. 

Overall not as good as some of the others in this series but for the most part it was a very enjoyable read.

1 May 2016

Book of the Month - April

I had a descent month of reading in April as I was able to finish 7 books although not all of them where enjoyable but some of them where brilliant.

Here's what I read in April:

  • The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2) by R.J. Prescott - 5/5
  • Ryker (Cold Hockey Fury, #4) by Sawyer Bennett - 4/5
  • The Player (The Wedding Pact, #2) by Denise Grover Swank - 2/5
  • End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days, #3) by Susan Ee - 4/5
  • Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2) by Leisa Rayven - 4/5
  • Unrivalled (Beautiful Idols, #1) by Alyson Noel - 2/5
  • Rush by Shae Ross - 4.5/5

And the book of the month is...

The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2) by R.J. Prescott
I loved reading book two nearly as much as the first book and I really hope there will be more from this series as I would love to see the other boys their HEA.

What is your book of the month?

Showcase Sunday - April

Showcase Sunday is a weekly Meme that I am taking part of. This weekly meme is hosted by Vicky over at Book, Biscuits and Tea.
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Here's what I got in April...

Paperback Books Bought
One of my favourite authors and I finally got my hands on this beast although it might take me a little while to get to it as I still need to read the last one in the Mortal Instruments series before I go onto this one but it was on offer so I had to buy it.

Kindle Books Bought
I bought this one while it was on offer as well.

Review Kindle Books
As you can see I'm a little obsessed with Loveswept publishing as I have read a few from them and have pretty much loved them all so nearly everytime they put a new book up on netgalley I jump at the chance to read something new.

What did you receive this week/month?

25 April 2016

Book Review: The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2) by R.J. Prescott

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Format: Kindle 
Publishers: Forever
Published: 15th December 2015
Pages: 231
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sport Romance
Main Characters: Emily, Cormac
Date Read: 3rd April - 8th April 2016

Rating Given:
 photo five.jpg

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. But what happens when you have everything you ever wanted? You fight to keep it.
Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell’s star is on the rise. Billed as the most promising young boxer of his generation, his new career is taking him to places he never dreamed. But O’Connell only needs one thing in life: his wife. In her final year of college, Em cannot follow him around the world but together they make it work.
Just when everything they ever wanted is on the horizon, the past resurfaces to haunt them and O’Connell realizes that justice might not be a part of his happy ever after. 
He couldn’t protect Em once before, but in the aftermath of the hurricane, he will make sure that never happens again.

  I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love the cover as it's in keeping with the actual story plus it kind of ties in with the first cover which I always love when they tie in as you then know it's a part of a series. The male model used on the cover I can see as O'Connell.

After loving the first book so much I couldn't wait to start book two and even though it wasn't as out standing as the first I couldn't bring myself rating it any lower as if I could book one would have received way more than five stars but this one deserves the full five stars. I love that in this book we get to read from O'Connell's perspective which was great as we were able to see inside his head to see what he was going through. The Aftermath was set after the event of the Hurricane and not everything happened that you would think it was even shocking at times as I didn't see the events coming. There was times when it was harrowing to the point it had me in tears and broke my heart but as well as that it also had me laughing and on the edge of my seat. I loved seeing more of O'Connell and Emily together as they make such a great couple with smoking chemistry to boot. The ending was perfect and even though I would love to see further into their future I didn't mind as the end was good enough for closure and hopefully we will hear more from them if there is more from this series.

Even though it was pretty much the same characters I still felt there was growth and I loved the new addition to the book. Reading this book from O'Connell's point of view I was able to get a better understanding of him than I did in the first book. I felt so sorry for him and he broke my heart when he wasn't able to get over certain things that had happened. It was nice to see Emily continue to grow into a much stronger person than she ever was in the first book.

Overall, I love this series and I hope we get more from some of the secondary characters in their own story. Fingers crossed.

24 April 2016

Book Review: The Other Side of Gravity (Oxygen, #1) by Shelly Crane

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Kiss Me Publications LLC
Published: 15th March 2016
Pages: 262
Genre: YA, Romance, Sci-fi
Main Characters: Sophelia, Maxton
Date Read: 28th March - 3rd  April 2016

Rating Given:
 photo threefive.jpg

Synopsis:My name is Maxton and I’m a trader. 
I live on a soulless planet where gravity, oxygen, and everything else are sold to the highest bidder on the black market. People are sold on the black market, too. You have to work really hard not to become one of those people. Pay your taxes, keep your friends and family close, and more than anything else—don’t get caught by the Militia. But all the rules changed for me the day I found her. 
My name is Sophelia and I’m a stowaway. 
I’ve been a slave for almost as long as I can remember. Waiting for the one day, one second, for my proprietor to turn his head so I could run and never look back. Now I'm on the run. And on a planet where no one is on your side and people would turn you in for a good meal or a piece of a silver, being on the run on Landu is the last place you want to be. Until he found me. 
I won't survive without him. 
I can't breathe without her.

 I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

As soon as I saw this cover I fell in love with it, it's stunning, eye catching and one of the reasons why I wanted to read it. There's not one thing that I don't like about this cover it all works well with the actual storyline.

To begin with this was a hard one to get into but the further I went into the story the more I got into it but during the book there was moments when I started to not like it again. What I really liked about this book was how different it was to what I've ever read before so it was a nice change to not know what's going to happen with the storyline plus it kept me guessing through out. I liked the slow building romance between the two characters. They had good chemistry throughout most of the book apart from the very beginning which considering the circumstances they are living in as well as how they actually met it's understanding that they didn't hit it off straight away. I really enjoyed the ending as it was left on a cliff hanger that I can't wait to find out how everything is going to unfold.

I liked the two main characters as well as some of the secondary characters even if there was some that I wasn't a fan of. Sophelia is the character that goes through more than most and yet she still comes across strong even if there was times when she  came across weak but that makes her what she becomes in the end. Maxton was a good male character and even though there was times when I wasn't quite sure whether he could be trusted he was still a likeable character.

Overall, I was expecting more from this book but it slowly became a very interesting read and I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next.

20 April 2016

Waiting on Wednesday - Someone Like You by Lauren Layne

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Here's this week's book that I can't wait for...

Someone Like You (Oxford, #3) by Lauren Layne
Expected Publication: 13th December 2016

Synopsis:Lauren Layne’s alluring Oxford series—perfect for readers of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase—is steamier than ever as the office’s resident pickup artist chases the one woman who’s capable of resisting him.
Lincoln Mathis is legendary for his exploits with the ladies. AsOxford’s go-to guy for one-liners, one-night stands, and all things no-strings-attached, Lincoln has yet to meet a woman he couldn’t charm into his bed—until he meets the magazine’s new copy editor. Shy, bookish, and adorably awkward, she should be grateful for the attention of a handsome bachelor. But to Lincoln’s surprise, the harder he tries to win her over, the more she dodges him. Lincoln swore he’d never make himself vulnerable again—but for Tori, he’s going to have to break all his rules.
Victoria Blake knows Lincoln’s type all too well, and she has zero interest in becoming one more notch in his belt. After winding up as the butt of a mean-spirited prank in college, Tori learned not to believe that a gorgeous playboy could truly be interested in someone like her. And Lincoln is definitely a gorgeous playboy. But the more she gets to know him, the more she suspects that Lincoln’s sleazy swagger is a façade, carefully crafted to hide his pain. And maybe Tori can be the one to heal his broken heart—even if it means risking her own.

I have enjoyed this series so far and I'm hoping that this one will be no different as this is the one I've been waiting for!

What are you waiting on?